We collaborate with nonprofits and socially responsible organizations to organize campaigns to promote environmental awareness. Our mission is to provide education  to home owners on converting conventional yards to drought tolerant landscapes. Our focus is on low-income and under-represented home owners, who are interested in converting their yards. This year, we collaborated with other organizations to celebrate Earth Month with a series of ‘hands-on educational’ workshops on Ecological Gardening.


Hands-on Education

Participants work on real gardens to learn each step involved in creating a native landscape. Workshops incorporate permaculture design principles, California's native plants and habitat, irrigation systems and rain gardens. 



Helping the Environment 

Our workshops benefit both the community and the environment. During Earth Month, volunteers worked together and converted more than 3000 sq ft. of grass land into ecological gardens!


Community Service  

Our workshops are designed to bring people together and build a more cohesive, safer, and stronger community. Volunteers work in new settings to learn new skills and develop social connections.





Highlights from our workshops