Meet our Interns


Smart Yards Co-op is happy to provide volunteering, training and internship opportunities to college students, environmentalists, nature lovers and aspiring landscapers. Volunteers and interns get a hands-on learning experience by participating in ongoing projects working on tasks such as: conducting customer interviews, material procurement, landscape design conceptualization, design research, explorations and finalization, installation, landscape management, social media marketing, attend and participate in educational workshops and events 

Each year, new members become part of our co-operative family. We would like to introduce you to our new intern member this year. Meet Nick!


Meet Nick, born and raised in San Jose, Nick will be graduating with a Bachelor in Environmental Studies degree from San José State University in December 2017. Nick is very knowledgeable about energy policies, green building design, and sustainable agriculture. Working to protect the natural environment, learning ways to conserve resources, engaging in practical and hands-on experience, as well as sharing his knowledge with others is a passion of Nick. As a Smart Yards Co-op intern, Nick is working on building planters with reclaimed materials, photographing and making videos to show case the gardens designed and installed by SYC. He'll also be developing ways to promote the co-op.  Nick also works for the City of San José as a Youth Recreational Leader, where he has spent the last six years creating and running programs intended to engage youth in outdoor activities. In his free time Nick enjoys gardening, hiking, and backpacking.