Celebrating Summer Solstice


Apricots - the unofficial sign that summer has begun. Although originally from Armenia, the apricot tree thrives in climates such as the one we have right here in the Bay Area. Consequently, the tree’s branches become heavy with ripe orange fruit around this time of year. The Rossmann family, who receives garden maintenance and the occasional garden do-over from the Smart Yards Co-op team, is one of many Bay Area households who is able to enjoy this bright orange and juicy fruit directly from the tree. 

Summer Solstice, June 21, is the official start of Summer, when the days are at their longest and the nights are their shortest. For many generations, the longest day has been a cause for celebration in many cultures around the world. This phenomenon takes place when the Earth tilts on its axis so that the northern hemisphere faces the sun. The southern hemisphere, on the other hand, is beginning to enter their winter season as it faces away from the sun, marking their longest night and shortest day. 


With the beginning of summer, professional and amateur gardeners will witness the rapid growth of trees and other native plants, a natural reaction to the high amounts of nourishing sunlight and, especially after a little extra rain. To everyone’s delight,  fruit trees should, if not already, be producing their fresh fruit in the upcoming weeks. Those having access to a garden in a smaller lot, like many people in urban areas, and who do not have the space to grow many plants and trees, Smart Yards Co-op is here to help! 

Smart Yard’s gardeners have been trained to aid this process by pruning and freshening up your garden. And the best part? The Smart Yards team also returns your garden to its natural beauty. For more information, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Elizabeth Sarmiento