Healed by Nature - October 2018 Newsletter


Did you know that green space heals us in surprising ways? This month, the Smart Yards team wants to share with you how our work supports our well being, including mental health and cognitive restoration. Transforming and sustaining our Yards into beautiful outdoor living spaces has many benefits. Read more in detail about how nature heals here.

Being exposed to nature can alleviate stress, depression, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The International Journal of Landscape Science, Planning and Design states that even spending a little bit of time among nature can reduce blood pressure. And in urban areas, people's mental health is improved when there is more green space. Click HERE if you want to learn more. This is another reason to work with us at Smart Yards

Imagine coming home from a hard working day in Silicon Valley and as soon as you see your garden with an array of beautiful plants you start relaxing. This is because plants have restorative properties and open up our cognitive senses. Some of the plants in your garden might include Salvia apiana, (White sage), which Native Americans used for their healing ceremonies. Others like Lavandula, (lavender), and Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) are used to make essential and scented oils. Hypericum Perforatum (Saint John's-wort), is often used to ease symptoms of depression. Salvia Spathacea is a magnet for hummingbirds hence it's name(Hummingbird Sage) and observing wildlife is joyful too. With a variety of plants for habitat, medicinal properties, visual stimulation, scents, consumables (fruits and veggies) we improve our well being. Let us know if you want to make a difference with us. Visit us here and send your request for your free consultation.

Elizabeth Sarmiento