Laundry to Landscape

Imagine having lots of fruit in your garden and reusing your laundry water to water the trees? In many Bay Area homes, a spiking water bill is observed during the warmer months, accounting for water spent on our use and vegetation. What if they could be one and the same? Smart Yards Co-op is happy to introduce the greywater system, specifically Laundry to Landscape (L2L).

L2L is a greywater irrigation system transporting the used water from your laundry to the plants, fruit trees and shrubs, in your garden. Not only do you save water and help the environment, but you see your water bill recede significantly. Smart Yards Co-op is certified to install the systems and also maintain them after the installation.

Valley Water offers a rebate program to help folks with the cost --- we can help design the system, too. In addition to installing a greywater system, Smart Yards Co-op suggests placing a bucket in your kitchen sink and shower to collect the used water and preventing it from going down the drain. The collected water can also be used to water thirsty garden plants, save on the water bill and do your part to use our precious water wisely.

Let us know if you want us to design and install your Laundry to Landscape greywater system. For more details and specifics about Laundry to Landscape, including types of soaps, do’s and don’ts visit, Greywater Action FAQ.

Elizabeth Sarmiento