No more mow, no more blow!

No more mow, no more blow!

The pictures don’t seem to do justice to how lovely our back yard looks. It has a very clean, neat look, very airy, and our many fruit trees really stand out. Our dogs are very pleased with the yard. It is soft for us to walk on (in shoes) and the puppy thinks it’s great for sunbathing
— Dan M. & Rita S. - San Jose, March 2016



Thank you Smart Yards Co-op team!

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Smart Yards Co-op did a great job on our front lawn removal and garden project! I had read about the Co-op on and then checked out their website. I was thrilled to read about their worker-own cooperative and sustainable landscaping practices, as we were planning to install a more native and water wise landscape. Then found out that I would be working with someone from one street over, whose front yard I had admired and was sold on. Smart Yards was very open to working with our budget and my amateur design. Elizabeth also had some great suggestions on plant selections and design elements to really make the yard look great. We were also working with the Water District to receive a rebate for lawn removal/replacement so our project had some specific timelines. Smart Yards worked with us on scheduling to meet our needs, while balancing their other clients and mother nature (El Niño). We completed well before our deadline and are thrilled with the results! Thank you Smart Yard Co-op for all the wonderful work!
— Phoebe E., San Jose - Feb 22, 2016
I chose Smart Yards because they do excellent landscaping and garden management work at a fair price and because I want to live in a world that’s as workable and as fair as possible for everyone. I buy fair and direct trade coffee. I never patronize Walmart, Starbucks, fast food shops or big box book stores and it’s very important to me that I avoid home service providing businesses who pay low wages to the employees who actually provide their services.

Smart Yards cares about my yard, the environment, their workers, our planet and my budget. I appreciate the care and time Elizabeth Sarmiento and her team spent maintaining and improving my front and back yards. They arrived when promised and completed their work in a neat and timely manner. I also very much appreciated the write-up I received which provided details about the new plants planted, their characteristics and benefits and how I can care for them going forward.
— Diane S., Willow Glen - Jan 29, 2016
Today Wade and I welcome 42 tender and beautiful California native plants to our front yard brought to us with love and ecologically sound practices by the fabulous Elizabeth Sarmiento and her Smart Yards Cooperative team. Can’t wait to see them bloom this coming spring and watch them grow! Proud to be doing my part to conserve water, energy and to create a habitat butterflies and bees!
— Nancy & Wade S. - Dec 19, 2015
I had already converted part of front yard to native plants 5 years ago, but it needed some cleaning up and they did a great job. Also, I had them remove the grass by the curb and they suggested succulents to replace that. Used lots of cardboard or weed blocker, hoping this will solve the weed problem once and for all!

They have lots of good ideas for the yard. Looking forward to having them do the ecological garden management in the months and years ahead.
— Noelle G. of San Jose - Dec 19, 2015

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